Community Resources

This page documents a list of useful Puzzle Resources, both for general puzzle hunting and wiki contributors alike. For a list of resources for puzzle construction and hunt administration, see Puzzle Writing Resources. For a list of resources for puzzle solving and such, see Puzzle Solving Resources.


Finding New/Past Hunts

Information Repositories

  • List of Lists of Lists - A lot of lists, a lot of information.
  • The Eggcorn Database - A collection of idioms and Eggcorns (Misheard phrases)
  • phenomist's Sets of Things - Groups of items/people that belong to groups of 2+.
  • IMDb - International Movie Database, good for film lists and has some unique lookup tools.
  • Letterboxd - Movie database with many lists and a lot of reviews.
  • Songfacts - Music database with trivia and several lists based on song qualities (words in titles, popularity, etc.).
  • Flag ID
  • Cross+A Puzzles - Cross+ A list of grid constraint puzzle types (and software to solve them)
  • Omniglot - Listing of different real and fictional writing systems