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**[[List of Puzzle Hunts]]
**[[List of Puzzle Hunts]]
* [[Elements of Puzzle Creation]]
* [[Elements of Puzzle Creation]]
*[[List of Teams]]
*[[Puzzle Resources]]
*[[Puzzle Resources]]

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Wordmark for the Prologue of the 2022 MIT Mystery Hunt (Star Rats). Designed by Justin Ladia, Palindrome.

From This Week's Featured Article

MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 was the 42nd iteration of the MIT Mystery Hunt, with kickoff occurring on January 14th, 2022. Run by Palindrome, the hunt technically began prior to kickoff, with a series of optional Prologue puzzles released on December 13, 2021, and carrying an "intelligent/superpowered animals" theme known as Star Rats.

When kickoff occurred in January, the opening skit seemed to be continuing with this theme, but was interrupted by the Hayden Library (a destination on MIT campus mentioned in the Prologue), disappeared into a large hole, which solvers would eventually learn was a place called "Bookspace". The hunt ultimately revolved around books, requiring teams to solve puzzles within children's books for the first two rounds, and then exploring locales based off of book genres via a hub world called "Pen Station". By exploring these regions and collecting parts to power the "Plot Device", teams could finally travel home via Tock the Watchdog's Phantom Tollbooth.

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The goal of this wiki is to catalogue puzzles and puzzle hunts, in a form that is both accessible and informative!

If you'd like to know more about how a particular puzzle works, or the mechanics involved in its creation and execution, head to its page! There you'll find a walkthrough of that puzzle's intended solve path, accompanied by a list of mechanics and puzzle elements that are prominent in its construction.

Similarly, hunt pages will have a number of ways of breaking down the experience of both solving and creating the hunt, including state diagrams, plot summaries, and facts about the hunt's conception.

Alternatively, if you want to know about particular mechanics, and perhaps find examples of puzzles that use them, you can do that too! Head to a particular mechanic's page to learn more about any variations it may have, how it's implemented most commonly, and where you might find it out in the wild.

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