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The Enigmarch Logo
The Enigmarch Logo

EnigMarch is a daily puzzle construction challenge running during the month of March 2022. It encourages puzzlers and puzzle setters to set one puzzle for each day of March, based on a prompt. This prompt has been a single word each day so far. This prompt is posted on various Social Media Platforms every day at 8 PM Eastern Time in order to provide a starting point for puzzle creation.

Welcome to Puzzle Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to catalogue puzzles and puzzle hunts, in a form that is both accessible and informative!

If you'd like to know more about how a particular puzzle works, or the mechanics involved in its creation and execution, head to its page! There you'll find a walkthrough of that puzzle's intended solve path, accompanied by a list of mechanics and puzzle elements that are prominent in its construction.

Similarly, hunt pages will have a number of ways of breaking down the experience of both solving and creating the hunt, including state diagrams, plot summaries, and facts about the hunt's conception.

Alternatively, if you want to know about particular mechanics, and perhaps find examples of puzzles that use them, you can do that too! Head to a particular mechanic's page to learn more about any variations it may have, how it's implemented most commonly, and where you might find it out in the wild.

For more information about this wiki's goal and purpose, check out our About page!

SPOILER WARNING: While we've done our best in trying to avoid spoiling puzzle solutions and hunt revelations, we can't guarantee that no spoilers will be seen. Due to unique hunt structures, odd round mechanics, and other things that are difficult to talk about, some things may remain out in the open.

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