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While we've done our best in trying to avoid spoiling puzzle solutions and hunt revelations, we can't guarantee that no spoilers will be seen.

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Four 2D illustrations of birds contained in circles. The three circles on the left are smaller than the circle on the right. The bird in the right circle is a red cardinal. The bird on the top left is grey, black, and white chickadee. The bird in the middle-left is blue jay with an exaggerated puff of hair and headphones. The bird on the bottom left is a yellow goldfinch.
Huntinality 2.0's founders, as seen on the Huntinality website.

Huntinality 2022, subtitled Huntinality 2.0, was the second iteration of Huntinality, run by Cardinality in June of 2022.

The hunt was themed around a beta test of a new web platform, which ultimately resulted in the internet rolling back to the era of GeoCities and other build-it-yourself websites of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Fittingly, all of the rounds beyond the introductory round were designed to look like personal webpages from that era.

The hunt was won by 'ᦿ NEW TAI LUE WIRED MOUSE' (a team fielded by the larger ⛎ UNICODE EQUIVALENCE team), who finished in just under 9 hours.

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