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MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 was the 42nd iteration of the MIT Mystery Hunt, with kickoff occurring on January 14th, 2022. Run by Palindrome, the hunt technically began prior to kickoff, with a series of optional Prologue puzzles released on December 13, 2021, and carrying an "intelligent/superpowered animals" theme known as Star Rats. This is the first recorded instance of a hunt releasing a round's worth of puzzles prior to the start of the hunt.

Wordmark for the Prologue of the 2022 MIT Mystery Hunt (Star Rats). Designed by Justin Ladia, Palindrome.

The plot of the hunt began with the pre-hunt set of puzzles, which detailed a story hook for a future hunt revolving around the retrieval and research of a series of super-powered and super-intelligent rats. When kickoff occurred in January, the opening skit seemed to be continuing with this theme, including reference to the Institute for the Acquisition and Study of Hyperintelligent Creatures (IFTMSOHC), but was interrupted by the Hayden Library (the intended starting location for the hunt proper) disappeared into a large hole and was replaced by a large vortex which had sent the former contents of the library flying. This revelation forced the hunt organizers to "drop the skit" and send teams to investigate the incident, in particular the puzzles that seemed to be appearing on the pages of the books that remained. Before teams could fix the problem, however, they were sucked into the hole itself into a different world, a place which solvers would eventually learn was called "Bookspace".

Teams at first found themselves at a location called The Ministry of Intertextual Transport (MIT), and were accosted by six "Ministers", people who were in charge of particular types of books and written media, and sharing their names with libraries or collections on MIT campus. After accusing solvers of causing the hole, as well as other destruction within Bookspace, the ministers recruited solvers to assist in figuring out what was actually causing the damage, as well as how to stop it.

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