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While we've done our best in trying to avoid spoiling puzzle solutions and hunt revelations, we can't guarantee that no spoilers will be seen.

To view an earlier version of the wiki without spoilers for a specific hunt, go to the Time Machine!

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The Moon type alphabet (minus punctuation)

The Moon System of Embossed Reading, also called Moon type and Moon code is a writing system for the blind, intended as an alternative to braille that is easier to understand for those who have knowledge of letter shapes from before losing their vision. This is achieved by deriving its alphabet from Latin letters, but in a simplified form.

Moon type was invented by William Moon in the mid 1840s, having lost his sight to scarlet fever in 1839. The creation was inspired by his time working as a teacher for blind children, who apparently had trouble with other embossed reading systems (such as braille), prompting him to attempt to remedy this with his own system.

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