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While we've done our best in trying to avoid spoiling puzzle solutions and hunt revelations, we can't guarantee that no spoilers will be seen.

To view an earlier version of the wiki without spoilers for a specific hunt, go to the Time Machine!

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Bravo Awards 2021, then just called Bravo Awards were a puzzlehunt award ceremony. The awards were intended to celebrate all things puzzlehunt related in 2021. All puzzles, hunts and creations released between MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 (inclusive) and before MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 were eligible for submission, and the ceremony was conducted by Junkmail on 13 January 2022 with an open-to-all voting process for finalists.

MIT Mystery Hunt 2021 and Puzzle Potluck 4 won "Hunt of the Year" and "Short Hunt of the Year respectively", with Infinite Corridor (MH21) and Circular Reasoning (MH21) winning in the "Best Metapuzzle" and "Best Feeder Puzzle" categories.

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