Hunt20 2.1 Puzzle Hunt

Hunt20 2.1 Puzzle Hunt
No. of Registered Teams368
Winning TeamCardinality
No. of Rounds2
No. of Puzzles (Feeders and Metas)20
Timeframe and Location
Start Time2021-07-16 18:00 EDT
Finishing Time (Winning Team)2021-07-16 20:24 EDT
Official End Time2021-07-22 18:00 EDT
Hunt LinkLink
Wrapup LinkLink
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Hunt 20 2.1 Puzzle Hunt was a puzzle hunt by Hunt20. It ran in mid-July, 2021.

The hunt consisted of 20 puzzles divided into 2 rounds, with each round containing 9 feeders and a meta. The first round was themed around young adult books, transitioning to children's books at the second round. The difficulty level was intended to be similar to the DaroCaro Puzzle Hunt or Paradox Puzzle Hunt.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Teams enter a library in search of the "Hunt20" book. Once finding it in its shelf, the young adult books in it fall over, and teams put the books in their place by solving puzzles. Once the Percy Jackson meta is solved, the bookshelf turns into a portal back to the dinosaur-filled Mesozoic Era, where an asteroid is threatening to destroy life on Earth. The travel back in time is also represented by the transition to children's books in the second round, and teams have to solve puzzles tied to these books to ultimately figure out how to stop the asteroid and save the dinosaurs.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Round Title Number of Feeder Puzzles Number of Metapuzzles
The Bookshelf 9 1
The Mesozoic Era 9 1

Round 1 (The Bookshelf)[edit | edit source]

Round 2 (The Mesozoic Era)[edit | edit source]