List of Teams

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Teams, as they appear in puzzle hunts, are groups of solvers working together to complete a hunt. Below is a list of teams that are known to either be active, or that have been active in the past.

Some teams have achieved notoriety within the puzzling community from writing one or more major hunts, by performing well in hunt leader-boards, by representing a specific university or location, or by having a unique gimmick. However, there is no notability requirement for teams to be listed here.

Since team sizes for MIT Mystery Hunt are typically an order of magnitude larger than those for any other recurring hunt, large Mystery Hunt teams often divide into subteams for other hunts. Subteams and naming conventions for subteams should be listed in the "notes" column where relevant.

Active teams

Team Name Year of Formation Notes
17th Shard 2019
3 emoji
Amateur Hour
Ange Management 2018 Result of a split from Palindrome
BAH Interlopers
Black Dynamite
Blob Wizards late 2019 - early 2020
Cardinality 2020 (for MITMH)
Central Services 2008 For smaller hunts, makes splinter teams with anagram names like "Scenic Travelers"
Codex 2002-2003? Team changes name to various different Codices. Has sometimes split into two teams for Mystery Hunt.
Control Group
DAVID ZENG + friends
Death and Mayhem 2013 (in current form) Result of a merger of Death From Above and Project Electric Mayhem
Donner Party
Duck Soup 2008
ECs of /r/PictureGame 2017
Eggplant Parms 2018 Merges with ⛎ UNICODE EQUIVALENCE for Mystery Hunt
ET Phone in Answer 2014
Frumious Bandersnatch 2007
✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ 2011 Airplanes are pronounced "Whoooosh" and "Nyeoooow", respectively
Ghostbloods 2021 Merges with 17th Shard for Mystery Hunt
Grand Unified Theory of Love 2008
Halibut That Bass 2008
Have you tried 2018 Subteam of Team Blank Space
Herrings 2016 Merges with The Providence Transplantations for Mystery Hunt
Hunches in Bunches 2015 Split-off from Random Hall team
Immoral, Illegal, and Fattening 2004 Split-off from ACME, competed as "JMac's Birthday Party" for first year
Inert Oaken Heron 2021 Single person team
Keep Puzzling 2019 Formed by a group of fans of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Killer Chicken Bones 2009
Left Out 2005 Team mostly from USA's Pacific "Left" coast
Les Gaulois 2013 French team (pronounced /lɛ ɡo.lwa/)
Libra Complexity
Literally Animal Farm 2023 Split off from Duck Soup
Metaphysical Plant 2003 or earlier Original Random Hall team
MiaoMiaoMiao 2020 Mystical Illusion And Originality
Mobius Strippers
NES 2019
Occam's Depilatory Gel 1999 Intermittently changed name over the years; aliases include: The Family Joules; Shirley! You're Choking Mr. Feynman!; Boson Buddies; The Large Hard-On Collider; Wobbly Hedghog Syndrome.
Pluru Subteam of Death and Mayhem
Palindrome 1995 Team changes name to various different palindromes
Please Clap Merges with 17th Shard for Mystery Hunt
Plugh 2006 Subteam of Team to be Named Later
Pusheen Appreciation Society 2015 or earlier
QUWUbits 2023 Formed by members of UW Quizbowl. Often fields 1-3 smaller teams with "Coby Tran" in team name.
QuizzyDan 2020 Team formed from QuizzyDan's twitch streams. Often uses DAN as an acrostic in their team names.
Rage 2014 Team changes name to various puns on the word "rage"
Random 2010 Newer Random Hall team, formed after Metaphysical Plant
Setec Astronomy 1996
Small Llama Malls 2018
Super Team Awesome 2007
Synod Currently a subteam of ⛎ UNICODE EQUIVALENCE
Team Eagle Time 2013 Merges with Death and Mayhem for Mystery Hunt
Team To Be Named Later 2018 Name has gradually grown longer over time; abbreviated as TTBNL
Team Copypasta 2021 Merges with Test Solution Bees Ignore for Mystery Hunt
Team Unseen
Teammate 2015 (for online hunts), 2018 (for MITMH) Often uses anagrams of TEAM in their team names
Test Solution Bees Ignore 2019 (in current form) Result of merger of Test Solution Please Ignore and Aviation Laws. Has split into two teams for Mystery Hunt since 2022.
The α-betical Order 2020
The C@r@line Syzygy 2019 Originally a two-person Mystery Hunt team in 2019; reformed as an open team for other hunts in 2021. Has merged into larger teams for Mystery Hunt since 2020, changing hosts nearly every year.
The Lexingtons
The Mathemagicians 2021 Team previously known as Team Arithmancy, which evolved from /r/Arithmancy, a Harry Potter puzzle subreddit
Team Blank Space 1996 This Mystery Hunt team, best known for writing in 2014 (as Alice Shrugged), completely changes their name every year. Due to technical issues, their most recent name cannot be shown as a link; , an invisible Unicode character, was their name for the 2024 Mystery Hunt.
The Providence Transplantations 2011
The Puzzle Potluck Crew 2016; 2018 Subteam of Super Team Awesome
Time Vultures 2011 Merges with Les Gaulois for Mystery Hunt
Track: Coconut Pizza Hut 2020
⛎ UNICODE EQUIVALENCE 2021 Largely split from Test Solution Bees Ignore. Often fields smaller teams named for misinterpretations of Unicode characters
Up Late 2000
[URGENT] 2019 Has merged with Test Solution Bees Ignore for Mystery Hunt
Vehemence 2022 team of ARG/unfiction enthusiasts
Weird Lex and the Aladdin Chickenshackers 2020 Pandemic team from the Broken Buzzer and Liquid Kourage trivia communities 2021 Small team born from a discord community about online riddles
Wafflehaüs 2004

Defunct teams

Team Name Year of Formation Year of Disbanding Notes
ACME 1998 2003 Split off from Palindrome under the name Iliaphay, renamed to ACME to run MIT Mystery Hunt 1999. Disbanded after running MIT Mystery Hunt 2003. Partially reformed in 2007 before rejoining Codex.
ACRONYM 2003 2006
ADPhi 2010 2016 Merged into Frumious Bandersnatch
Aviation Laws 2017 2019 (MITMH only) Merged with Test Solution Please Ignore to form Test Solution Bees Ignore
Beginner's Luck 2009 2016 Disbanded after writing MIT Mystery Hunt 2016; reformed as Team To Be Named Later
Death From Above 2004 2013 Merged with Project Electric Mayhem to form Death and Mayhem
Groovytron 2008 2014
Lake Effect Snow 2005 2008 Split into Just for the Halibut and Grand Unified Theory of Love
Manic Sages 2004 2013 Disbanded after writing MIT Mystery Hunt 2013; reformed as Rage
Project Electric Mayhem 2003 2013 Merged with Death From Above to form Death and Mayhem
Pturnips 2003 2006 Reformed as Central Services
Silly Hat Brigade 2007 2011 Merged into Up Late
Test Solution Please Ignore 2014 2019 Merged with Aviation Laws to form Test Solution Bees Ignore
The Evil Midnight Bombers What Bomb At Midnight 2006 2009 Disbanded after writing MIT Mystery Hunt 2009