Projectyl is the online handle of puzzle solver and creator Mike Sylvia. He has written for two MIT Mystery Hunts, both on team Luck: MIT Mystery Hunt 2010 and 2016.

As a solver[edit | edit source]

Projectyl currently hunts with ⛎ UNICODE EQUIVALENCE for MIT Mystery Hunt and some online hunts. He also hunts solo in some hunts. Previously, for online hunts, he hunted with Synod.

Team performances as a solo team:

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2023-02-10 Grand Hunt 4 as Look, I'm Not Saying It's Projectyl, But Let's Be Honest Here, It's Probably Projectyl
2022-10-08 EC Puzzle Hunt 2022 18 as Given the Outdoor Setting It Is Unlikely to Be Projectyl
2021-07-16 Hunt20 2.1 Puzzle Hunt 5 as You Thought It Was Not Projectyl But SURPRISE Actually It Is Projectyl
2021-05-29 Huntinality 2021 17 as WAHjectyl
2021-05-08 Paradox Puzzle Hunt 2021 15 as Oh No Aw Jeez It's Projectyl
2020-09-18 DP Puzzle Hunt 2 as We Regret To Inform You That It Is Projectyl
2018-11-30 Caltech Puzzle Hunt 2018 13 as Projectyl is Probably Gonna Regret This

As an author[edit | edit source]

In addition to the MIT Mystery Hunt, Projectyl has also co-wrote the Sekkrets hunt hosted on Grey Labyrinth. He has also written several mini-hunts, including Snow Problem (2011), Halloween (2011), and MAS Mini-Hunt (2003).