Puzzle and Key Universe 2

The P&KU2 logo
Winning Team呜呜呜
No. of Rounds6
No. of Puzzles (Feeders and Metas)55
Timeframe and Location
Start Time8:00PM GMT+8, April 28, 2023
Official End Time8:00PM GMT+8, May 7, 2023
Hunt LinkLink
P&KU Chronology
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Puzzle and Key Universe (P&KU) 2 was the 2nd iteration of P&KU, a Chinese puzzle hunt run by students from Peking University. The theme of this hunt was 'Be spring', telling a story of the breakup between Miyu (which means puzzle in Chinese) and Miyue (which means key in Chinese), the two main characters of P&KU.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In order to find out the reason for the breakup of Miyu and Miyue's friendship, teams will solve puzzles in the letters that Miyu and Miyue wrote to each other.

Miyu has written many letters to Foraging Moon and uses these puzzles to connect her memories. The answer to the final puzzle that Miyu gives to Miyue is 『欲尽此情书尺素』 (to pour the heart out in this letter). However, the answer doesn't really make sense. Instead, it's the puzzle that is recovered through the answer that is the real key to the puzzle.

In the meanwhile, Miyue gives Miyu a gift of letters from the three seasons of summer, fall and winter. In addition to this, Miyue also has a song called 春风衔笺 for Miyu. The music video of the song suggests that Miyu can combine the pieces of the previous gifts from Miyue into four answers, which are all words that means meaninglessness.

When teams solve the meta puzzle of Miyue, they need to have an epiphany that the four answers don't matter at all; what really counts is how they get those four answers, which is the process of dividing and reorganizing the letters. In retrospect, teams will realize that the titles of these four groups of letters actually have something in common within the group. In the end, they need to find the title that contains all four of these commonalities at the same time, 『二十四番花信风』 (flower winds from the 24 seasonal divisions in spring).

Structure[edit | edit source]

Round Number of Feeder puzzles Number of Metapuzzles Notes
Miyu 24 1 Click to revealThe answers to Miyu Round were all Chinese poems.
Miyue (Winter) 6 1
Miyue (Autumn) 8 1
Miyue (Summer) 10 1
Miyue (Spring) 0 2
Final 0 1