Team Copypasta

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Team Copypasta is a team that usually participates in online hunts. The team is notable for changing its name to something completely different every hunt, often a copypasta or a VTuber reference. The team was formed in 2021, shortly after hosting UMD Puzzle Hunt 2021.

The team was originally known as Duck Gizzards, which was formed by a group of friends at the University of Maryland, College Park. After UMD Puzzle Hunt 2021, the team expanded to include others involved in making that hunt.

The team does not hunt together in MIT Mystery Hunt, with individual members joining separate teams.

Team performances[edit | edit source]

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2023-12-01 Huntinality 3 9 as Once upon a team in the middle of winter, when the flakes of snow were falling like feathers from th
2023-07-28 Shardhunt 10 as An author’s ability to write puzzles with magic is directly proportional to how well the solver unde
2022-10-08 EC Puzzle Hunt 2022 7 as Being good at finding a certain coordinate in a picture game is valuable, but I think I’ll take the 200+ collective years of professional countryside exploration experience
2022-08-26 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2022 7 as Good morning. As you know, you’re here to take the GAP. Congratulations on taking this important step toward your college and career goals. Before we begin the test, I am going to read some instructio
2022-06-18 Huntinality 2022 7 as hello 👋 finally 😌 introducing ✨ Web 2.0 🌙 are ⭐️you 😍 girls 👭 ready 🙈 ? ok 👌 lets 🌚 go 🤩
2021-12-04 Silph Puzzle Hunt 2021 7 as PE↗KO↘MON↗MAS↘TAH↗ HA↑HA↓HA↑HA↓ (Team ⚡)
2021-10-01 Teammate Hunt 2021 10 as Legend of Polka Episode 25 #ポルカの伝説
2021-09-10 QoDE Puzzle Hunt 8 as The Luknights Who Say NEEEEEEEEEE~!!
2021-07-23 Galactic Puzzle Hunt 2020 11 as Glasses are really versatile. First, you can have glasses-wearing girls take them off and suddenly become beautiful, or have girls wearing glasses flashing those cute grins, or have girls stealing the
2021-05-29 Huntinality 2021 20 as Watame wa Waluigi janai yo ne

As Duck Gizzards:

Date Hunt Rank Notes
2023-06-02 ABCDEFG 24
2021-05-29 Huntinality 2021 16
2021-01-30 Inexact Puzzle Hunt 14 as Duck Gizzard
2021-01-02 UMD Puzzle Hunt 2021 Host
2020-10-23 Teammate Hunt 2020 12
2020-09-18 DP Puzzle Hunt 13 as XXL Freshman Class 2016
2020-07-25 Smogon Puzzle Hunt 2020 7 as Psyduck Gizzards
2020-06-20 Puzzle Potluck 3 11
2019-08-07 MUMS Puzzle Hunt 2019 21