Welcome to The Puzzle Wiki![edit | edit source]

The goal of this wiki is to catalogue puzzles and puzzle hunts, in a form that is both accessible and informative!

If you'd like to know more about how a particular puzzle works, or the mechanics involved in its creation and execution, head to its page! There you'll find a walk-through of that puzzle's intended solve path, accompanied by a list of mechanics and puzzle elements that are prominent in its construction.

Similarly, hunt pages will have a number of ways of breaking down the experience of both solving and creating the hunt, including state diagrams, plot summaries, and facts about the hunt's conception.

Alternatively, if you want to know about particular mechanics, and perhaps find examples of puzzles that use them, you can do that too! Head to a particular mechanic's page to learn more about any variations it may have, how it's implemented most commonly, and where you might find it out in the wild.

If you want more information about this wiki's goal and purpose, below is a copy of our Wiki:About page:

About[edit | edit source]

The Puzzles Wiki is an educational community project, aiming to expand the hobbies of puzzle-solving and puzzle-writing to new horizons.

  • The Puzzles Wiki is for puzzles.
    • The information here will cover a wide range of puzzling topics, including teams, hunts, puzzles, and the mechanics that make it all possible. We plan to provide accessible solve paths for every puzzle, spaces for teams both old and new to express themselves and explain their history, and breakdowns of puzzle elements so anyone can understand just what makes a puzzle a puzzle!
  • The Puzzles Wiki is a place for learning, first and foremost.
    • We do not want to just be a collection of lists, names, and figures. We want to provide new information, knowledge that can be useful to both an outsider to the craft looking to dip their toes in the water, or a veteran solver seeking a deeper dive into puzzling as a whole. A one-stop shop for everything puzzles, we hope that anyone can look at the Puzzles Wiki and come away with something new, be it knowledge, ideas, or simply a newfound passion.
  • The Puzzles Wiki is a community, collaborative at its heart.
    • There is no one person who can provide everything this site hopes to offer. As this project grows, we hope the community will grow with it. Work with your fellow puzzlers to add new hunts, puzzles, and elements to the wiki. Most of all, sometime the wiki will need tidying up, whether due to vandalism, or optimization, and that always goes faster when we work together.