Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League

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Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League
Running TeamVarious
First huntBAPHL 1 (2010)
Most recent huntBAPHL 21 (2019)
Number of hunts20
LocationVarious locations around the Boston Area (mostly)

Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League (BAPHL, pronounced "baffle") is a series of puzzle hunts hosted by various teams and located around the Boston Area, reaching as far as Providence, Rhode Island. The first BAPHL was run by Hubert Hwang, Diane Christoforo, and Thomas Mack, around Harvard Square on May 8, 2010. BAPHLs are run by previously high-ranking teams. While BAPHL's have mostly been chronological, BAPHL 14 was postponed until after BAPHL 15 (which had the theme of "searching for BAPHL 14"), and BAPHL 17 was canceled. Hunts typically follow a structure where there are 3-4 locations, and at each location teams receive 4-6 puzzles. Each location may have their own standalone meta as well. Teams can advance to a new location once they have solved some number of puzzles from their current location. Additionally, in order to balance out the location stations, different teams may have different location orders to visit. The most recent BAPHL to have run was BAPHL 21 in 2019.