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CMU Puzzle Hunt is a biannual puzzle hunt run by Puzzle Hunt CMU, a student organization at Carnegie Mellon University. In most years since 2007, Puzzle Hunt CMU has run two puzzle hunts, one in the spring semester and one in the fall semester. Hunts typically have around 20 puzzles, with a team size limit of 6. Each year, there is often also a smaller "Orientation Hunt" intended for incoming freshmen into the university.

Every CMU Puzzle hunt since Spring 2015 has been archived on their website, making it easy to postsolve the hunts. Previous hunt themes have included prehistory, monopoly and pirates.

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Month List of hunts
August 2023 8 (Puzzled Pint Aug-23) · 13 (CCBC 13 (Chinese)) · 20 (Curtis 50 Trek) · 27 (BAPHL 22, Part I)
September 2023 2 (Labor Day Miniganza 2023) · 10 (BAPHL 22, Part II) · 12 (Puzzled Pint Sep-23)
October 2023 10 (Puzzled Pint Oct-23) · 22 (Puzzle Boat X)

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