Bobcat (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

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MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Safari Adventure
Author(s)Justin Graham
AnswerClick to revealBASSISTS
No. solves15
No. total guesses38

Fun fact about bobcats: their yowls sound like cheering and screaming. Maybe that’s why all the other animals in their enclosure like entertaining them.

Bobcat is a music puzzle from the Safari Adventure round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Identification (Image, Animals) - The animal silhouettes on the path on the left side of the puzzle can be identified. Note that some appear multiple times, and as such use a plural designator.

Identification (Popular Music) - Either by recognizing them directly or by recognizing the animals on the left as being part of the names of popular music artists (or both), solvers must realize that the "facts" are actually describing the title of a song, each one by an artist containing one of the animals on the path.

Reordering (Given) - While both sides of the puzzle are unordered, one lends itself to a given ordering better than the other: the path.

Indexing - A slightly more unintuitive step, given that the only numbers in the puzzle are consecutive and provided as an initial ordering; nonetheless, these numbers are the indices used, and they index into the song titles.

Final Clue Phrase - The result is FLEA AND DUCK DUNN, two (fitting) examples of the answer to this puzzle.