Bouquet of Balloons (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Bouquet of Balloons
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Balloon Vendor
Author(s)Brent Holman
AnswerClick to revealVESSELS
No. solves40
No. total guesses74

Bouquet of Balloons is a word puzzle from the Balloon Vendor round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Grid-Centric (Triangular Tiling) - The grid in question is composed of triangles arranged into a flower-like shape composed of 31 colored hexagons. In the center of each hexagon is a circle of the complementary color.

Flavortext - The Vendor has quite a colorful bouquet…


Rows Garden - The puzzle is a classical rows garden; however, the puzzle doesn't state which row the row clues belong to, nor does it restrict the "balloon" (bloom) clues to any single color. It does, however, fill normally...

Something Extra - ...with the caveat that some of the "Balloons" contain seven-letter answers, one too long to fit inside the hexagon. Six of the letters will fit in the grid as a typical entry would; extract the seventh, which would be forced into the circle in the center of the hexagon.