Crocodile (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

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MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Safari Adventure
Author(s)Justin Graham
AnswerClick to revealDRUMS, PROTECTOR
No. solves1414 full solves, 28 correct submissions
No. total guesses48

The Penny Petting Zoo has two exhibits, separated by a crocodile moat. (Don’t ask why they put crocodiles in the Petting Zoo - just be very careful what you pet!)

Crocodile is an image-heavy puzzle from the Safari Adventure round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Image Identification - Crocodile contains a large number of images—all of animals in a cage of some kind.


Identification (Biology, Taxonomy) - Each of these animals can be identified by scientific name (though the cages serve to throw off reverse image searching tools as best as they can).

Identification (Famous People) - Each of the animals have a shared characteristic: their scientific name (the two-word Latin phrase) is eponymic. Namely (as clued by the flavortext) the first set has animals named after celebrities...

Identification (Arts and Media) - ...and the second set animals named after famous fictional constructs.

Pairing Up - There's an equal number of each, and each of the "celebrity animals" has a relation next to it that can match one of the "fanciful animals". These can be paired.

Indexing - There's a number to each side of the relations; index it into the scientific name of the animal it corresponds to. Both sets of images start in no particular order; thus each set uses its own order to sort its letters.

Final Clue Phrase - Two final cluephrases, one for each side: RINGO INSTRUMENT and NERD'S POCKET WEAR. Each clues its own answer.

Multiple Answers (Sequential*) - Like most Safari Adventures puzzles, this one has multiple answers. The answer from the celebrity animals is relatively easier to find, being a simple indexing job; knowing the index for the "fanciful relations" requires knowing which celebrity each one links to.