DaroCaro Puzzle Hunt 2020

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DaroCaro's Pixar Puzzle Hunt
Running TeamDarren Lee, Caroline Zhou
No. of Registered Teams593
Winning TeamHave you tried capes?
No. of Rounds1
No. of Puzzles (Feeders and Metas)19
Timeframe and Location
Start Time2020-12-04 18:00 PST
Finishing Time (Winning Team)2020-12-04 20:32 PST
Official End Time2020-12-06 18:00 PST
Hunt LinkLink
Wrapup LinkLink

DaroCaro's Pixar Puzzle Hunt is a puzzle hunt run in December 2020. The hunt is Pixar-themed and is notable for its art and theming.

The hunt consists of 15 feeder puzzles and a multi-part meta and runaround. Each feeder puzzle is based on a Pixar short or feature film, and the overarching story centers around Toy Story (franchise). The difficulty level is intended to be beginner-friendly.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After falling asleep to a VHS recording of Toy Story, you find yourself waking up in the Toy Story universe to a frantic Budd and Goody. Goody explains that Sporky has run off again, and suspects that this time Sporky has used a portal toy to travel to other dimensions. They ask you to travel to these other dimensions, look for clues, and ultimately, find Sporky.

List of Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Type Puzzle Theme
Short World Wilde Web Piper
Short You Dim Sum, You Eat Some! Bao
Feature Charming But Cryptic Onward
Feature Familia Tunes Coco
Feature Fireflies The Good Dinosaur
Feature Helium Capacity Up
Feature Heroine's Journey Brave
Feature Highway Petrol Cars
Feature Math is Math The Incredibles
Feature Must You Pile the Food Sky High? A Bug's Life
Feature Ocean Exploration Finding Nemo
Feature Recette du Succes Ratatouille
Feature Stargazing WALL-E
Feature Transmission Mission Inside Out
Feature When One Door Closes Monsters, Inc.
Meta Where's Sporky?
Meta Click to revealEaster Egg Expedition
Meta Click to revealWhere's Sporky? (Part 2)
Meta Click to revealPuzzled Toys Toy with Puzzles Click to revealToy Story

Unlock Guide[edit | edit source]

Note - All feeder puzzles (and first meta) are available without logging in, but answer checkers require you to create an account. As of 2022, the website continued to allow account creation, so solving through the entire hunt is possible.

Note - Canned hints are available by submitting HINT1, HINT2 etc on the answer checker.

All puzzles seen on the main Puzzles page (2 Short puzzles and 13 Feature puzzles) should be unlocked immediately. The metapuzzle Where's Sporky? should also be unlocked immediately.

After solving Where's Sporky?, subsequent metas are presented one at a time. Click to revealEaster Egg Expedition gets unlocked after the first meta is solved, then Click to revealWhere's Sporky? (Part 2), then Click to revealPuzzled Toys Toy with Puzzles. Solving this puzzle finishes the hunt.

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