Hunts by Darren Miller

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Darren Miller's Puzzle Hunts
Running TeamDarren Miller
First hunt2016
Most recent hunt2022
Number of hunts7

Darren hosts his puzzles in a blog format with a built-in app for answer validation and hints. He releases puzzles sporadically without a set schedule.

Previous Hunts[edit | edit source]

List of Hunts
Year Title Number of Puzzles Notes
2016 Darren Miller's Christmas 2016 Hunt 12 link
2018 Haunted Castle Hunt 2018 6 link
2019 Haunted Castle Hunt 2019 6 link
2020 Darren Miller's July 4, 2020 Hunt 6 link
2020 Haunted House Hunt 2020 6 link
2021 Haunted House Hunt 2021 6 link
2022 Haunted House Hunt 2022 6 link

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