Math Homework (P.I.HUNT 0)

Math Homework
Author(s)Jack Lance
AnswerClick to revealEPSILON NAUGHT

Math Homework is the first puzzle in P.I.HUNT 0, unlocked at the start. It is formatted as a Google Docs, containing various mathematical expressions and some images.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]

The various operations are wordplay operations. We can determine the following: from the first image, the reciprocal reverses a string, transforming TEN into NET. From the third image, the exponentiation takes TWO to TWOTWO, which sounds like TUTU. The fourth image demonstrates that FOURS sounds like FORCE.

The examples section details additional operators. For the third one, we know that SIX becomes XIS, which suggests that the ceiling function is making a Roman numeral (though the 9 should be an 11). This lets us understand the square root in the first equation, which takes FIVE to IV, so this is removing the outer letters. The second one says that ±(ZERO) sounds like RHO, so perhaps the ± takes the last half of the word. The fourth one takes (-1)^ELEVEN to EEE, so (-1)^x takes the odd positions of x. (This corroborates with the second image, taking (-1)^FORTY to FRY.) The fifth image takes SEVEN to EVENS, so perhaps the contour integral sign takes the last letter to the front (and the ^(-1) suggests taking the inverse operation). Finally, the cross multiplication suggests that it is interleaving strings together to produce the desired shift.

Armed with this, we can now interpret the homework problems. For the first problem, we have: (-1)^(-1)^1/(MILLIONS) = (-1)^(-1)^SNOILLIM = (-1)^SOLI = SL. Then, we have PI x SL which gives PSIL, which is then concatenated with ONE. Finally PSIL+ONE is rotated forward to give EPSILON (matching the seven question marks). For the second equation, EIGHTONE becomes IGHTON, which becomes TON, and finally reversed to NOT. This sounds like NAUGHT (also matching the number of question marks). This gives us the final answer, EPSILON NAUGHT.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

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