Hi! I'm the lead editor/researcher of Puzzles Wiki, Leveloneknob! Call me Sam, L1K, or Lonk, whatever works best for you!

Additionally, I'm the captain of the Swarm division of Test Solution Bees Ignore, and a regular hunter with the team outside of the MIT Mystery Hunt, so keep an eye out for me on various TSBI-Acronym teams during interim hunts!

I'm usually online on Discord, so if you have any questions or requests for an editor, message me there and I'll do my best to get it handled. If not by me, then by one of the many other capable editors.

About Me[edit | edit source]

  • Favourite Puzzle Type: Music/Audio ID
  • Topics of Interest: Pop Culture (Video Games, Movies, TV, Music), Zoology, Weird Little Facts That Have Very Little Use Outside Of Puzzling
  • Favourite MIT Hunt: 2022 (Bookspace was an artistic gift to the community and had some INCREDIBLE music puzzles!)
  • Favourite Non-MIT Hunt: Puzzle Boat 4 (sorry, not gonna find it on this wiki while it's still paywalled!)
  • Gay?: Yup
  • Dogs or Cats?: Okay but what if...Both?
  • Movie Genre of Choice: Horror
  • TV Genre of Choice: Horror
  • Podcast Genre of Choice: Horror
  • Music Genre of Choice: Horror Emo, Prog, other Rock genres

My Scratchpad[edit | edit source]

Note To Self: Only Put Bad Puzzle Ideas Here

  • Lego-Building Duck Konundrum