Wiki:Page Structure/Rounds

The introductory section of Round pages should be relatively short. Along with the Round Title in bold, it should include the following information:

  • Ordinal location of the round within the hunt (or general placement if unlock structure is not linear)
  • The hunt it belongs to
  • The requirements for unlocking it (number of puzzles, particular meta completions, etc.).

Description[edit | edit source]

Optional: A relevant image to the round, such as the overview of the round or a symbol representing the round itself.

A description of the theme and/or visual presentation of the round, as well as any core gimmicks that a particular has. Pertinent information includes:

  • Naming conventions for puzzles
  • Visual elements that tie the round together
  • Gimmicks related to how the round works (unlocks/submission/etc.)

List of Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Navigation Puzzles and Metapuzzles (in particular if there are multiple) should be added to this list as well, if applicable. Ensure that metapuzzles are tagged as such and are sufficiently separated from the rest of the puzzles.