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Requests for comments (RFC) are processes for gathering community input on an issue. Such issues may range from the top-level purpose of this wiki, right down to particular content to include in a particular article.

They are intended as a means to gather viewpoints from a range of different editors and contributors, so everyone can have their opinions known.

The following is a directory listing of all Puzzle Wiki RFCs and their statuses, and is provided as a means to help users understand the reasons for past discussions, and to more easily contribute to currently open discussions:

Date created RFC Title Status
2022-03-1515-Mar-2022 Elements vs Solve Path vs Both Consensus to include puzzle elements in a suitable indicative ordering, and Solve Paths when useful and not redundant.
2022-03-088-Mar-2022 The Scope of this Wiki Consensus in favour of including hunt and hunt puzzles only (with another RFC to determine inclusion of standalone puzzles)
2022-02-2828-Feb-2022 Hunt Naming Conventions Consensus in favour of using constructor titles
2022-02-2828-Feb-2022 MIT Mystery Hunt naming Consensus in favour of "MIT Mystery Hunt"
2022-02-2525-Feb-2022 Titling puzzle and round pages Consensus in favour of using subpages