"Tech's Adventure" Walkthrough (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

"Tech's Adventure" Walkthrough
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Creative Pictures Studios
Author(s)Mark Gottlieb
AnswerClick to reveal🎃
No. solves11
No. total guesses27

Luckily, walkthroughs can tell you everything you need to know about a video game without actually playing it. It’s all of the info without any of the pesky fun!

"Tech's Adventure" Walkthrough is a "runaround" from the Creative Pictures Studios round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Runaround - The puzzle is a set of instructions for navigating a fictional grid-like map. The map is reconstructable from the instructions.


Knowledge Required (MIT Culture) - After reconstructing the map in the first six sections (or skipping directly to the end), the walkthrough notes that the maps have been on display at MIT for ten years ever since they were installed in the 50s. Tech's Adventure isn't from the 60's (text adventures aren't even that old)—"the 50s" instead refers to Building 56, which features panels of various hacks across the history of MIT.

Find the Difference - Comparing the map generated from the walkthrough and the actual maps, almost every element aligns—as alluded to in the first paragraph, the gem rooms map to the colored squares with text and the item rooms map to grayscale photos depicting the item in question. There is exactly one square that doesn't; it depicts the answer to the puzzle painted onto the Great Dome.