Berkeley Mystery Hunt

Berkeley Mystery Hunt
First hunt2011
Most recent hunt2016
Number of hunts6

Berkeley Mystery Hunt was an annual puzzle hunt run by a group of students and alumni from UC Berkeley. These hunts were single-day events that ran for 12 hours. Generally, the hunts were run twice, once within the campus in May and once for the general public in July. The public rerun generally contained revised puzzles and sometimes included an additional round. The name of the hunt was inspired by the MIT Mystery Hunt. In 2017, they announced the indefinite postponement of the 2017 hunt.

Fiat Enigma[edit | edit source]

The group also ran a newspaper column, Fiat Enigma, in the student newspaper. Columns generally included an introductory segment introducing a puzzle type before giving a small puzzle of that type that extracted an answer. Additionally, they included the solution to the previous week's puzzle along with shoutouts to the first solvers of the puzzle. Occasionally, the columns would contain something different, such as a hunt puzzle writing challenge. These columns ran weekly and usually culminated in a metapuzzle involving the previous answers.

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List of Hunts[edit | edit source]

Year Launch Date Number of Puzzles Link Theme Notes
2016 2016-07-16 Berkeley Mystery Hunt 2016 Oski in Space
2015 2015-07-18 26 (32) Berkeley Mystery Hunt 2015 OskiLeaks
2014 2014-07-12 Berkeley Mystery Hunt 2014 CALUMNIOUS
2013 2013-07-20 Berkeley Mystery Hunt 2013 Ankur's Lab Notebook
2012 2012-07-21 Berkeley Mystery Hunt 2012 Prof. Cavetour's Anthro50c
2011 2011-04-30 Berkeley Mystery Hunt 2011 Save our University!