Brown Puzzlehunt 2023

Brown Puzzlehunt
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No. of Registered Teams237
Winning TeamThe ‘zzlers and The Geese Geese
No. of Rounds4
No. of Puzzles (Feeders and Metas)28
Timeframe and Location
LocationBrown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Start TimeApril 15 2023, 1:00 PM EDT
Official End TimeApril 16 2023, 11:59 PM EDT
Hunt LinkLink
Wrapup LinkLink

Brown Puzzlehunt is a hunt hosted by the students of Brown University, Rhode Island.

Unlock Order[edit | edit source]

A spreadsheet simulating the unlock order of the hunt can be found here.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The hunt initially starts with solvers getting a letter from the Blueno Resurrection Society, who planned on resurrecting Blueno, a mascot from Brown Puzzlehunt. However, that resurrection turned out to be a monster, and solvers were then approached by the BlueNope group to stop Blueno from destruction by defeating three aspects of Blueno -- Lamp, Bear, and Dear Blueno. Once that is done, teams on campus infiltrated the procession and snatched the Blueno icon to stop the resurrection for good.

Puzzles[edit | edit source]

The Blueno Resurrection Society[edit | edit source]

The Bear[edit | edit source]

The Lamp[edit | edit source]

Dear Blueno[edit | edit source]

Final[edit | edit source]

Reviews and Write Ups[edit | edit source]

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