无字天书 (CCBC 13)

Author(s)Yao Yu
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无字天书 is a crossword puzzle from CCBC 13. It is initially presented as a crossword with only punctuation marks, though solvers can type in characters in some places that affect how the crossword is displayed.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


Since typing in characters updates the display of characters at all places, solvers can start by filling in the traditional numbers. This leads to some clues that can be solved due to specific numbers used, like 24601 being a number for Jean Valjean. All of the clues and clue answers for the crossword are in Chinese, so filling in the translated proper nouns allow for even more clues to be determined.

Solving the crossword and filling in the clue information eventually reveals the first sentence as "依罗马数字顺序,数笔画数,纵37", which translates to "according to order of Roman numerals, count strokes, vertical 37". Since the answer to 37-Down is 凯撒, which translates in English to Caesar, the last part of the instruction refers to taking a Caesar cipher of the results after applying A1Z26 to the stroke count.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Crossword - The basic appearance of the puzzle, albeit with none of the clues showing.


Caesar Cipher - Used as part of the extraction based on the top instructions.