Not Wordle (CMU Hunt Spring 2022)

Not Wordle
CMU Hunt Spring 2022
Round Un
Author(s)Kevin Zhou (Kaz)
AnswerClick to revealTEQUILACOCKTAIL
No. solves117

Not Wordle is a puzzle from Round Un of the CMU Hunt Spring 2022. It appears as a Wordle grid.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

  • Wordle - As the title and the layout suggests, this is a Wordle grid, though it's somewhat large (11x11 to be exact). Nevertheless the rules are followed as normal.
  • Pentominous - Solving the Wordle gives the logic puzzle genre. Solving the grid as a Pentominous is therefore the next step of the puzzle.
  • Flavortext - The flavortext is relatively important in telling solvers what elements of the grid to use and ignore for the steps, as well as hinting at the extraction.