Running TeamBruce Leban
No. of Rounds1
No. of Puzzles (Feeders and Metas)7
Timeframe and Location
Start TimeAugust 13, 2020
Hunt LinkLink

COCOA™ Test (short for COnundrum COgnitive Assessment™) is a miniature puzzle hunt written by Bruce Leban. It was released on August 13, 2020, and is visually intended to be a pastiche of the MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) test. (The real-life MoCA test is a test designed to test for dementia and mild cognitive impairment, and gained publicity in late July 2020 with former U.S. president Donald Trump boasting in a Fox News interview that he got a perfect score on the test, which he falsely claimed tested for IQ.[1]) The puzzle hunt is designed to be fairly accessible, with no specialized knowledge required other than common codes and ciphers, as well as crossword and cryptic clue knowledge.

List of Puzzles[edit | edit source]

The entire hunt is a single round consisting of 6 puzzles and a meta.

References[edit | edit source]