DEFCON Raitlin's Challenge

Raitlin's Challenge
Running TeamIlluminati Party
First hunt2016
Most recent hunt2022
Number of hunts7
LocationLas Vegas, NV and online

Raitlin's Challenge is an annual puzzle contest held at the DEFCON hacker and cybersecurity convention. It is organized by the Illuminati Party, and is named for Raitlin (Rick Davis). It was first held in DEFCON 24, 2016. Puzzles are released all at once and generally consist of a single image, with ciphers and encodings being a particular mainstay. Each puzzle has a pictographic icon to accompany it, which can also serve to allude to the intended mechanism. Additionally, the length of the answer is provided (though this includes spaces). The website is often themed as an ancient artifact or architecture, having previously been displayed as an Egyptian pyramid or obelisk.