Field Notes (EC Puzzle Hunt)

Field Notes
EC Puzzle Hunt
AnswerClick to revealPO
No. solves304
No. total guesses464

Field Notes is one of the opener puzzles for the first round of the EC Puzzle Hunt.

Solvers are presented with two lists: one labeled "Observations" and another labeled "Excerpts from the field guide." Both supposedly concern local wildlife, but have certain peculiarities.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]

Each observation refers to a fictional animal character, and each field guide excerpt hints an idiom or other phrase containing an animal. The observations are sorted alphabetically by character name, and the excerpts each contain a time that can be used as an index. Each character is of a type of animal referenced in one of the idioms; pairing them up in excerpt order and indexing into the character names using the times yields the cluephrase PANDA OR TELETUBBY, which can only be PO.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Identification - Both fictional animals and animal idioms need to be identified.

Pairing - Fictional animals need to be matched to their animal idioms.

Indexing - The times in the field guide excerpts are used to index into the fictional animal names.