Fortune Cookies (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Fortune Cookies
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Wizard's Hollow
Author(s)Monica Singhal, Nina Hinrichs, and Yar Woo
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No. solves45
No. total guesses143

Fortune Cookies is a [INSERT PUZZLE TYPE] puzzle from the Wizard's Hollow round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. It [INSERT BRIEF DESCRIPTION]

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Physical - Teams were asked to contact Guest Services and provide a promo code to obtain a box of fortune cookies, which was the actual puzzle.


Knowledge Required (Culture) - Each fortune cookie contains a fortune with a series of lucky numbers. The trick is to play the party game of appending "in bed" to the fortunes...

Identification (Media/Literature) - ...such that they identify a figure from popular media or literature.

Indexing - Using the lucky numbers to index into the names yields a word.

Synonyms - Each word found in this way has a synonym...

Transformations - ...that can be placed within the word "BED" to create a new word. Taking the seventh fortune (LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD) as an example, the indices generate the word HOTEL, which has a synonym INN for BINNED.

Enumerations - The pagoda on the box is actually a front for a series of blanks, which can be filled using the BED words in such a way that the lines connect identical letters.

Marked Spaces - Some spaces are marked with squares. Extracting the letters that land on the squares produces the answer.