Interwoven Strings

Interwoven Strings is a type of word puzzle in which two or more strings of text (often crossword-style clues) are interwoven in a way that each one can be read in the correct way by simply skipping over the letters from the other string.

Puzzle Application[edit | edit source]

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The amount of weaving done by a particular puzzle depends on how difficult the author wants the un-weaving process to be, as well as the length of each of the strings. Strings with relatively even lengths can be interwoven much more easily than those that are uneven. Shorter strings can only be spread so far, leaving larger chunks of the longer string intact. Authors tend to toe the line between a perfect weaving (one of each, going back and forth between them) and containing large chunks, as both make the puzzle much easier to solve if spotted.


Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Examples[edit | edit source]

  • The Trebuchet (MITMH 2020) (web) - This puzzle contains several short interwoven strings, attached to the titular trebuchets. In each, solvers can unravel to find Click to reveala type of projectile and a weight, such as SOPNIOCUBONDLT becoming SONIC BOLT and POUND.

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