Luogu Puzzle Hunt 1/立方之星

立方之星 (Stars on a Cube, link)is a middle puzzle in LGPH 1.

Content of the Puzzle[edit | edit source]


(A legacy manuscript from an interstellar team. As far as you know, such teams often need to solve challenging Star Battle.)

You can solve the Star Battle puzzle here.

Solution of the Puzzle[edit | edit source]

First, you need to notice the "mark two stars" on the picture, or click on the online problem-solving link and then click on "show rules" to see that the number of stars is 2.

The solution of the Star Battle puzzle

The number of regions in the figure is 9, but the total number of rows and columns on each face is 12. From this, it can be inferred that the rows and columns in this puzzle should be calculated across faces, for example, the bottom 12 cells are a complete row. It is not hard to solve this puzzle. The letters on the positions of these eighteen stars are "region remain lowest". Extract the minimum one from the remaining letters in all regions, then you can get the word "adventure", the answer to the whole puzzle.