Luogu Puzzle Hunt 1/Final Meta

命定的唯一 (The only one that is destined to be) is the final meta of LGPH 1.

Content of the Puzzle[edit | edit source]

You entered the final room, only to find a password slot.

You suddenly remembered where "something unusually large" appeared, not only in those big rooms, but also...

Solution of the Puzzle[edit | edit source]

20 small puzzles have been deliberately avoiding using uppercase letters, including but not limited to using lowercase letters at the beginning of English sentences. According to the prompts in the flavor text, if you go back and look at the 20 small puzzles, you can see that 26 letters are hidden inside, and they are connected in order to form "bwlitgfpmxnovjusayzcqkrhde".

Extract like the second big question to obtain "the fi_al answer is _he_a_____". The empty letters need to be filled with the answer from the first big question and should correspond to the link to the second big question. After filling the blanks, we can see that the final answer is the rainbow.