MIT Aquarium Puzzle Hunt

MIT Aquarium Puzzle Hunt
First hunt2012
Most recent hunt2022
Number of hunts10
LocationNew England Aquarium

MIT Aquarium Puzzle Hunt is a puzzle hunt, intended for incoming freshmen of MIT and physically occurs at the New England Aquarium. Since participants are not expected to have puzzle hunting experience, the puzzles are written with that in mind. The first iteration was in 2012, started by Safety Third (a wing of the MIT dorm Next House), and it has run yearly since then with the sole exception of 2020. Since 2021, the hunt writing team has been the MIT Puzzle Club.

Puzzles are scattered throughout the aquarium, requiring teams to search around the area to find the puzzles. Once teams solve a puzzle, they can then text a particular number in order to check their answers.

List of Hunts[edit | edit source]

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