Domino Maze (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Domino Maze
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Big Top Carnival
Author(s)Wei-Hwa Huang
AnswerClick to revealMAJESTIC PLURAL

Domino Maze is a Click to revealcollaborated Physical Puzzle from the Big Top Carnival round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. It [INSERT BRIEF DESCRIPTION]

Guide before solving[edit | edit source]

Token(Few addition from rules)[edit | edit source]

  • Dominoes: Start is always green one, and arrow points where to fall. Diagonally positioned dominoes can make turn and split path in 2 directions.
    • All dominoes must be knocked over.
    • Change: While diagonal dominoes not need to hit any others, hitting ones must be in an adjacent non-diagonal slot.
    • Rotated ones are counted as repositioned too.
  • Targets: Flip requires to be hit by dominoes or pivot. Also can continue the chain reaction.
    • Must be flipped in order. Usually it means ascending order (I, II, then III).
    • Can't be hit by diagonal Dominoes.
  • Blocker: Prevents other tokens from being placed in diagonal slots. May stops pivot.
  • Pivots: Spins to add u-turn way in the opposite position. Must be hit by closest slot parallel to a Pivot Wing.
    • Always start at its highest point, with its wings over diagonal slots.
    • Should not be used to hit another Pivot.
    • Change: Doesn't need to hit others.
  • Wall: Prevents Domino from being placed in a since vertical or horizontal slot. Can also be used to prevent diagonal dominoes accidentally hitting others in an adjacent row.
  • Top Grid, 4 grid legs, and Staircase: Each are separated when counting repositioned.
    • Each staircase holds 3 dominoes and continues chain up or down to the other grid.
    • Legs must attached to the four corners of the Top Grid.
    • Any tokens on Top layer will be repositioned if moving Top grid itself.

Setup and Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Most of "position given" dominoes in new challenges are not giving direction. Click to revealThis included in Top levels while original instruction not mentioning.
  • Must place all Dominoes and Tokens shown under "Add to Grid" too.
  • Each card only gives one solution in ascending order.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

  • Physical Puzzle - The puzzle asks solvers to visit HQ with a code to obtain a Click to revealDomino Maze and new challenge cards.
  • Synonyms - Received puzzle's instruction mentioned that 7-letter phrase is synonym of the 14-letter answer.

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