Gallery of Tomorrow (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Gallery of Tomorrow
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Author(s)Jan Chong, Doug Zongker
AnswerClick to revealFINGERPAINTS
No. solves95
No. total guesses135

Gallery of Tomorrow is a image ID puzzle from the Spaceopolis round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. It was initially presented as an interactive, multiplayer game involving a slideshow of MS-Paint drawings.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

TEAMWORK TIME - The first official TEAMWORK TIME puzzle, although it no longer retains the label on the hunt site. Teams had a shared instance of the live puzzle, and had to collaboratively...

Image-Heavy Presentation - ...identify the badly-drawn images that were presented to them via...

Slideshow - ...a rather speedy (and looping) slideshow, although the archived version presents the images statically.

Subanswer Checking - As soon as someone correctly ID'd one of the images, the server would accept it and no further submissions would be needed.


Identification (Visual art, Paintings) - Each of the images is a recreation of a (relatively) famous painting, the names of which needed to be entered into the submission box while the correct image was on screen. All of the images were created (or at least looked to be created) in Paint, and thus were pretty rough to look at. This was further enforced by submissions of correct artwork having "Bad" appended to the title.

Initialization - Once all of the paintings were identified, solvers could look at the first letters of the original paintings (ignoring leading articles), which gave the final answer.