Golden Wolf (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Golden Wolf
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Safari Adventure
Author(s)Ian Tullis
AnswerClick to revealBEING
No. solves11
No. total guesses36

The Golden Wolf thinks it's far too special a creature to suffer the same gashly fate at MIT as those other kids it's heard about.

Golden Wolf is a puzzle from the Safari Adventure round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. It is presented as a series of answers to an MIT application question.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Alphasets - The flavortext hints toward the Gashlycrumb Tinies, an alphabet book by Edward Gorey. Conveniently, there are 26 answers to the application question...

Sound It Out - ...and each one has the sounds of one of the kids' names hidden in the sentence (also as hinted by the flavortext).

Reordering (Alphabetical) - The statements are ordered only by first letter (ties are broken by the associated Gashlycrumb Tiny). Reordering by the Tiny...

Initialization - ...and reading off those first letters spells out an Intermediate Clue Phrase: ELITIST, FIND A COLD "SCHOOL SONG".

Alphasets - Incidentally, "School Song" (from Matilda: the Musical) is another Alphaset, sprinkling the (British) names of the alphabet's letters across several words in the song. Each of these words occurs in exactly one sentence; perform the same resorting and initialization steps to get the Final Clue Phrase, which (a) is by necessity an anagram of the Intermediate Cluephrase and (b) points to one such word within the song.