Jukebox (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Author(s)Yar Woo
AnswerClick to revealOUTDATED STEREO TYPES
No. solves27
No. total guesses174

Jukebox is the metapuzzle of the Yesterdayland round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt.

Answer List[edit | edit source]

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Metapuzzle (Shelled Meta) - This is a metapuzzle. The puzzle's shell consists of two blocks of numbered blanks. The first is marked with colored numbers; the second is marked with black numbers.

Broken Shell - Every puzzle solve unlocked one set of the blanks with colored numbers in said puzzle.

Flavortext - YesterdayLand seems—well, a little stuck in the past. What seems to be the problem?

Green Eyes, Take Warning - This puzzle uses color. The numbers below the blanks come in four different colors: red, green, blue, and brown.


Something in Common (Semantic) - All of the answers are old-timey things.

Transformation (Semantic) - Not all of the answers seem to fit in the blanks... but since all of the answers are old, bringing them up to date by finding a more modern object with similar usages does result in strings that fit! For instance, BELL BOTTOMS (a style of denim pants popular in the 60s) gave way to SKINNY JEANS in the aughts, which fits in the second-to-last set of blanks.

Marked Elements - The solver can then use the numbers to fill in the colored blanks at the bottom.

Wheel of Fortune - Well, not all the blanks—the solver can only really fill them to about a third of the letters. However, the blanks in this state can be Wheel-of-Fortuned, revealing four old music-playing devices.

Marked Elements - The solver then extracts from this set of blanks using the numbers...

Intermediate Clue Phrase - ...to get the phrase READ UNDER COLOR NUMBERS.

Marked Elements - The blanks in the puzzle are monospaced to align with each other. Reading the letters that appear under colored numbers (rather than the letters in the respective marked blanks) reveals the answer.