Pay it Forward (MIT Mystery Hunt 2020)

Pay it Forward
MIT Mystery Hunt 2020
Creative Pictures Studios
Author(s)Linda Holman, Shuai Chen
AnswerClick to reveal❤️
No. solves27
No. total guesses147

Pay it Forward is a Scavenger Hunt from the Creative Pictures Studios round of the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. Its tasks were primarily charitable donations—things like knitting a blanket for a pet or folding part of a senbazuru.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Scavenger Hunt - This was the scavenger hunt puzzle for this hunt, wherein solvers performed acts of charity.

Tie-In Puzzle - The list of tasks was accessed by finding an ad on the last page of that week's issue of MIT's student newspaper, The Tech. The link in the ad is likely defunct; the page is saved in the hunt's archive for posterity.


Extraction by Reward - After completing the scavenger hunt, solvers got to take a photo with a poster saying "ALL YOU NEED IS ❤️". Solvers are unlikely to have known this when they completed the scavenger hunt, but the answer is directly displayed on the poster.