MIT Mystery Hunt 2021/Infinite Corridor

The Infinite Corridor is one of the first available rounds of the 2021 MIT Mystery Hunt. It involves five different puzzle types that make up the 100,000 total puzzles, and the first two types are available immediately entering the Projection Device, while the others require particular JUICE levels to unlock.

Description[edit | edit source]

A background depicting a long corridor that doesn't appear to end. In front of it is a list of puzzles, some with repeated names, counting up from 1 to 13. There is a input field where one can put an number from 1 to 100000 and find out what type of puzzle is at that number, and its answer.
Puzzle select page for the Infinite Corridor round.


Navigation Puzzle[edit | edit source]

Each room has one of 5 types of puzzles, visiting room unlocks correspond puzzles. However, number manipulation via portal is required if you need to shorten time. To do TO DO

List of Puzzle Types[edit | edit source]

Metapuzzle (Infinite Corridor)[edit | edit source]

Simulator's solution path works well, except you need to unlock last required room too. More information in Infinite Corridor Simulator.

Round Elements[edit | edit source]

Gimmick Repetition - Each puzzle type appears more than once.