The Greatest Jigsaw (MIT Mystery Hunt 2021)

The Greatest Jigsaw
MIT Mystery Hunt 2021
Green Building
Author(s)Anderson Wang, Lillian McKinley (Art), Mitchell Lee
AnswerClick to revealCAPTAIN HOOK

To do TO DO

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Jigsaw Puzzle - As the title suggests, this is a 121-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Physical Puzzle - Despite the remote nature of this hunt, this was one of four physical puzzles that could be ordered in advance, a physical copy of the jigsaw. (A virtual web version of the jigsaw would unlock after some time.)


Red Herring - The assembled image is a literal depiction of a red herring. According to the authors' note, "We wanted to avoid the background image being confused for part of the puzzle, but also wanted the image to be something more interesting than a color gradient that solvers would enjoy having as a keepsake."

Sudoku - To do TO DO