Turing Tar-pit (MIT Mystery Hunt 2024)

Turing Tar-pit
MIT Mystery Hunt 2024
Yellowstone, WY
Author(s)Jayden Yamada
AnswerClick to revealFACEOFF
No. solves48
No. total guesses97

Turing Tar-pit is one of puzzles with videos in MIT Mystery Hunt 2024.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

To do TO DO Video - 2 of 4 subpuzzles used Video.


Hint In Flavortext - 54th Turing Tar-pit and 1982 reads to 54th paragraph of Alan Perlin's Epigrams on Programming.

Hint In Title - Said 54th paragraph was also referenced in wiki about esoteric programming language, under article named "Turing tarpit".

Red Herring - However, each languages used in this puzzle aren't categorized as turing tarpits.

  • Chef - "Chocolate & Hot English Fudge" part provides video while title was acronym of language name.

    You need to rewrite Method part from video before running actual program.
  • Piet - "Projections" part provides image while example was acronym of language name.

    You need to adjust graph size and crop before running actual program.
  • Shakespeare - "A Message From Special Product Leaders" part provides video while transcript available.
    Language has sensitive parts.
  • Rockstar - "Next Advertising Campaign: Rock Song" part provides audio while lyrics provided in transcripts.
    Language has sensitive parts.