mezzacotta Puzzle Competition

mezzacotta Puzzle Competition
Running Teammezzacotta
First hunt2007
Most recent hunt2016
Number of hunts8

mezzacotta Puzzle Competition, formerly the CiSRA (Canon Information Systems Research Australia) Puzzle Competition, was an hunt in the Australian hunt format. It ran yearly from 2007 to 2013 as CiSRA, and ran once with the same puzzle creators as mezzacotta in 2016 after Canon decided to stop sponsoring the puzzle hunt.

Banner of the CiSRA Puzzle Competition, the precursor of mezzacotta Puzzle Competition

From 2008 through 2012, CiSRA Puzzle Competition featured a metapuzzle, although the metapuzzle did not use the answers. Instead, additional minipuzzles would unlock when a puzzle is solved, and these minipuzzle answers would be used in the meta. Mezzacotta Puzzle Competition in 2016 featured a more standard metapuzzle. Additionally, the 2010 hunt established a tradition (internally known as "mess with their heads" day[1]) where day 4 of the hunt featured puzzles that would break or subvert solver expectations.