混乱星空 (MiaoHunt 2023)

MiaoHunt 2023
Lost Town
AnswerClick to revealSPACESUIT

混乱星空 is a logic puzzle from MiaoHunt 2023. The layout is a grid of pixels along with some flavortext.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


Each pixel has an RGB value that can be converted to ASCII to get letters and numbers. The individual color values for the R, G, and B can then be put in three separate grids and read out to get a message on solving a variant of the Spiral Galaxies logic puzzle in which the non-black galaxy labels have been swapped.

After solving the Spiral Galaxies logic puzzles, the colors representing the light galaxies can then be reassigned as red, green, and blue on the respective board as per the instructions, and the three boards can reassemble to get the picture. Additionally, the swapped labels can then be read out to form the cluephrase OUTFIT, which paired with the picture can get the answer.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Spiral Galaxies - A variant of the logic puzzle in which some of the labels have been swapped.