Evil Jigsaw (P.I.HUNT 1)

Evil Jigsaw
AnswerClick to revealTAKEOUT FOOD

Evil Jigsaw is one of the final seven puzzles of P.I.HUNT 1. It contains a series of strangely shaped pieces and a page with letters and an outline.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]

As the title implies, this is a jigsaw puzzle where the final shape is not explicitly given.

The outline given on the last page matches one of the given colored pieces on the first two, and should be used as the starting point. When the pieces are placed correctly, they will form Click to reveala filled in circle. [NOTE: Perhaps a picture of the solution can be added at some point?]
The letters on the diameter spell out the answer,Click to revealTAKEOUT FOOD, when read clockwise.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Jigsaw Puzzle - Called out in the puzzle title.