Index Cards (P.I.HUNT 1)

Index Cards
Author(s)Jack Lance
AnswerClick to revealFRAGMENTED

Identity Matrix is one of the first eight player puzzles from P.I.HUNT 1. It contains a series of 16 pictures and some blanks.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


The first step involves identifying the images, which are usually short phrases. For example, the upper left picture is a FRAG. Some of the images leads to words that may go together with other words.


The given letters are the first letters of words in the grid that are orthogonally or diagonally adjacent and form a compound words in a word search style fashion. These blanks can also help with correcting work done for identification.


Finally, as per the flavor text, three pictures are unused in forming the words that go in the blanks, and concatenating the words for these three pictures leads to the answer.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Identification - The main premise of the puzzle, used on the playing card suits.

Word Search - Two images are found word search style to form compound words.