Metalworking (P.I.HUNT 1)

AnswerClick to revealWRISTLET

Metalworking is one of the first eight puzzles of P.I.HUNT 1. It contains a series of words in differing fonts with some blanks at the bottom.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


This is a meta-matching puzzle, but the fonts give info on what word goes with what meta. Below are the metas used and the final extraction.

The second, third, and fourth letters of each word have many letters in common. Click to revealThese can be stringed together to form BRACELET.
Notice the sounds of each feeder. Click to revealThe first sounds are letters that spell LETTERS.
The feeders have two Is. Click to revealThe letters in between spell out WORD.
The feeders are all cryptic clues for the respective word. Each resolves to a letter that spells out Click to revealEIGHT.
Some letters appear very common. Take the letters to spell out Click to revealFOR.
Each meta answer has a different length that corresponds to one of the four blanks. This spells out a final cluephrase.

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]


Meta matching - The entire puzzle is based on matching metapuzzles, but the fonts provide an aid to that.