Artificial Intelligence (P.I.HUNT 2)

Artificial Intelligence
Author(s)Jack Lance
AnswerClick to revealRUBY PYTHON WHO LISPS

Artificial Intelligence is one of the five starter puzzles from P.I.HUNT 2. It consists of four logic puzzles on drawing a path that visits every square.

Solve Path[edit | edit source]


The instructions and extraction are generally straightforward, making the challenge more on the logic itself. Below are some strategies.

  • Because every square needs to be visited exactly one, parts of the paths can be drawn from corners of each square. With the exception of the first and last square, each square has an ingoing and outgoing edge.
  • Barrier walls can be useful to indicate where paths can not go. In particular, a barrier can be drawn in between two red squares that share an edge due to the given constraints.
  • For the 9x9 grid, there are 21 green squares and 60 blue squares. This means that in between each visit of a green square, exactly three blue squares are traversed

Puzzle Elements[edit | edit source]

Logic Puzzle - The main presentation is a path-forming logic puzzle.